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While it is included as a pdf with the DVD, to save the ink cartridges of those who prefer to read offline: The TACT Companion Workbook is available as a printed workbook (115 pages). TACT DVD cover
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Caregivers Fatigue: What is it?

The experience of living with reactive or aggressive dogs can be very punishing to the caregiver. We spend countless hours positively reinforcing our dogs which may leave us little time or energy to positively reinforce ourselves. Quite often owners of these dogs fall subject to Caregivers Fatigue, a condition of physical and mental exhaustion. This condition should not be understated; it is debilitating to the human and can affect the overall canine rehabilitation training process.

Caregiver fatigue sufferers may experience a wearing down effect from the constant fear, worry and strong sense of responsibility and obligation. Reactive dog handlers, suffering from Caregiver Fatigue, may experience deterioration in physical or mental health due to the state of fear in which they are functioning, as well as their worry and strong sense of responsibility and obligation.

We have employed the help of mental health care and animal welfare professional Anne Lindsay. Anne has her Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology with a concentration in trauma work from Lesley University and she is the Founder of the Massachusetts Animal Coalition, and conducts workshops in Animal Welfare Compassion Fatigue, team building and pet loss bereavement. Anne brings to us a wealth of knowledge to guide us with our TACT Caregivers Fatigue program.

In 2009 I (Julie) attended the Animal Control Officers Association of Massachusetts Law Enforcement Academy. During the Academy, Anne Lindsay gave a presentation on Compassion Fatigue for animal welfare professionals. During Anne's presentation all I kept thinking of was this was the way I felt when I was first beginning my work with my reactive dog at home. Except it was different for me, because it was not in my job, it was in my home and happening to my family. It wasn't something that I could leave at work, it was always with me. After Anne's talk I approached her to see if she was willing to create a Reactive Dog Owners Caregivers Fatigue Program to help people like me not feel so helpless and alone on their journey with their dog.

Our TACT Caregiver's Fatigue Program gives pet owners and experienced trainers a plan for healthy self care. Our latest DVD, TACT - A Training Program For Dogs That Are Fearful Or Reactive Towards People and companion workbook carefully details many exercises for caregivers to follow on their rehabiliation journey with their dog.

In addition to the presentation in the DVD and the Caregivers Workbook pages we have many educational programs available to the public such as a monthly reactive dog support group that can be attended in person here in Massachusetts or by Webinar from anywhere in the world in the comforts of your own home. Our program provides a truly safe community to share your feelings and experiences with other like minded reactive dog owners and trainers and gives you the tools to have balance and maintain healthy self care throughout your rehabiliation journey.

To find out more about Anne Lindsay and her services and educational programs for Caregivers Fatigue please see the Caregivers Menu, Meet Anne Lindsay.