Touch Associated Clicker Training

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TACT DVD cover
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The TACT Workbook

While it is included as a pdf with the DVD, to save the ink cartridges of those who prefer to read offline: The TACT Companion Workbook is available as a printed workbook (115 pages). TACT DVD cover
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Training Vest

dog training vest
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Private TACT Training Lessons

Private consultations and training lessons are available.

Most dogs begin their TACT training with private one on one instruction. Prior to your first appointment you will complete a detailed behavior questionnaire providing us with the information necessary to create a training program specific to your dog. The first appointment is a behavior consultation and all follow up appointments are private training lessons.

Requested phone consultations are also available. Phone consultations are helpful for individuals who live further away and may not be able to visit us here in Massachusetts or may be helpful for family members who may not be able to attend the training appointments but want to stay informed.