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While it is included as a pdf with the DVD, to save the ink cartridges of those who prefer to read offline: The TACT Companion Workbook is available as a printed workbook (115 pages). TACT DVD cover
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TACT Reviews

"Combining behavior modification and massage is a brilliant idea. I have always felt some form of therapeutic touch belongs in the toolbox of every professional who works with troubled dogs. The TACT program offers pet parents and professional trainers alike a user-friendly, easily customized protocol that blends solid science-based training with the healing power of touch. It's the best of both worlds."

Leslie McDevitt MLA CPDT CDBC

Author of the Best Selling book: Control Unleashed

"I have been using the TACT protocols with a client who has a Miniature Australian Shepherd who was rescued from a hoarding situation. Ivan has been living with his new owners for several months. Ivan had the behavior of being fearful of Chris (a very tall man), but oddly, only inside the house, not outside. TACT has been great for Ivan and his family and he has made huge progress - thank you so much for developing the program!"

Dawn Gilkison KPA CTP

Positive Solutions Dog Training LLC Portland, Oregon Metro Area

"I am very interested in becoming TACT certified. I have purchased the workbook and video, applied to one of my dogs, love it! Best results thus far of any modification program. I am a certified training partner with Karen Pryor Academy and have my own training business. I have recommended TACT to many of my trainer friends!"

Trisha Ross, KPA CTP

Canine Training Connection, LLC

Reviews for Julie Robitaille's two day TACT Seminar

"This seminar left me feeling truly inspired for the new path my reactive dog and I were about to embark on. Julie does a fantastic job at being informative without being boring. Although I am not a professional dog trainer, I feel like this class is accessible and relevant to a wide variety of dog/handler relationships, as well as varying degrees of reactivity. Julie breaks down the science of why this program works in a way that makes sense. And it was truly wonderful to know that her experience and interest in helping reactive dog stems from personal experience. Thank you, Julie!"

Kelly Smith


"This is an organized, well thought out and well developed program. I can't wait to see how it evolves to support those of us who are working with dogs who are reactive to other dogs!."

Linda Hilliard, CPDT_KA

"An extremely well organized, scientific approach to rehabilitating reactive and aggressive dogs - I highly recommend this program not only for professional trainers working with problematic dogs, but also the companion dog owner who wants to make a better life for their dog."

Karen Ogden, CPDT-KA

Positive Rewards Dog Training

"Julie is terrific and really knows her stuff, this was a very informative and thorough seminar. I am a small animal massage therapist and this directly applies to the work that I am pursuing. I loved the hands on demos and the videos, they really brought it all home for me."

Julie Polvinen, CSAMT

Owner, Zen Animal Massage

"The TACT seminar was helpful to me as a dog trainer, a rescue worker, and an owner of reactive dogs. It provided tools that I can adapt to a variety of situations even if I am not working the entire program."

Martha Palermo

New Beginnings Dog Training Bay State Dogs

"I just spent the weekend at just the most marvelous two-day seminar on TACT - Touch Associated Clicker Training, developed by Emma Parsons (Click to Calm) and Julie Robitaille. With poise, humor, and an amazing command of the knowledge of dogs and their emotions, Julie delivered a really phenomenal two-day workshop at MasterPeace in Franklin, MA, over this past weekend. She illustrated the process in great demos with both neutral dogs and with fearful dogs. The TACT protocol is extremely flexible and can be used in a wide variety of situations (you develop your steps based on the needs of your dog). The seminar was jam-packed with information that I could apply immediately AND I wanted even more!!!"

Dr. Mary Cerreto, KPA CTP

"I found the TACT seminar to be truly inspiring. It was amazing to be in the room with so many people who are going through or have been though life with a reactive dog. I left the seminar feeling like there is hope for my girl."

Meghan W.