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While it is included as a pdf with the DVD, to save the ink cartridges of those who prefer to read offline: The TACT Companion Workbook is available as a printed workbook (115 pages). TACT DVD cover
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TACT Case Study: Damon



Damon's life before TACT was full of fear and anxiety. He was afraid of people and new places. He would give people warning barks and a hard stare. If approached he would try to escape from them. There were a few people who he was friends with, there were alot he didn't like, all very knowledgeable dog people who just didn't know what to do with him.

In new places he would have to move constantly, he would try to do circles around me and bark at anything that moved. It was like he was having a panic attack, and when he was that afraid. He was also very touch sensitive. He once let out a scream when he bumped into me, it was very embarrassing, I felt like people thought that I had kicked him. A side effect from the chronic anxiety was that he was too thin. I was feeding him the amount you would feed an 80 pound dog, he only weighs 50lbs, and I could still feel his ribs. Damon would also not drink water in new or exciting places. I knew that he wasn't enjoying life and I wasn't really enjoying my dog.


Damon after TACT is a different dog. One of the first things that I noticed was that he had gotten a little fat. I hadn't changed his diet or increased anything even his treats. He will drink water anywhere we go now. He approaches people looking for attention and I am able to have him loose in my store, something I never thought would be possible. I am able to bring him to new places and try new things, we are doing an agility class and he is loving every minute of it. He has become more playful; he initiates play with me now and gets silly and goofy. His true personality has come out and I am able to enjoy him, but the really nice thing is that other people are able to see that too, and he is not just enjoyed by myself and his friends. We are now able to understand and trust each other. He is a happy dog and is able to really enjoy life. Before this, I would have been stressed and panicking about doing something like this with Damon. I would have literally made myself sick. Now not only am I doing it but I am enjoying it, and I am also planning where I can take him next. Our lives have changed.